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Kenan and Kel still have the magic in ‘Good Burger 2’

When it’s been more than two decades since starring together in a movie, it can be challenging for actors to match that same chemistry.

For Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, however, that spark that carried the 1997 film Good Burger is alive and well in Good Burger 2, a sequel streaming exclusively on Paramount+.

Thompson and Mitchell have reunited a few times over the years to pay tribute to the 1997 cult classic Nickelodeon film. In one such reunion in 2015, they participated in a Good Burger skit on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, that seemed to spark interest in a sequel.

Finally, 26 years later, Kenan and Kel return as Dexter and Ed, respectively, and the hijinks are on for the second Good Burger film.

Some things have changed in the years since the original film, while others remain the same. Dexter has long since left Good Burger and is an aspiring inventor. Ed still works for Good Burger, alongside his son, Ed 2 (Alex R. Hibbert) and Dexter’s niece Mia (Kamaia Faiburn), who is estranged from Dexter along with her mother, who was an investor in one of Dexter’s failed inventions.

Following the latest invention failure, Dexter turns to his best friend Ed and takes a job at Good Burger once again. Dexter also spends time with Ed’s family, with Ed’s wife Edie (Ego Nwodim) and their numerous children, many of whom are named after condiments (including Ketchup, Mustard, Onion and No Mayo, among others).

As with the first film, Ed (and Ed 2 for that matter) is the film’s comic relief, often engaging in hijinks, including his questionable driving of the Good Burger-mobile. Dexter, like before, is often baffled by Ed’s antics, but he’s gotten less uptight since the events of the first film.

Throughout the film, Ed is hounded by Cecil McNevin (Lil Rey Howery), a legal representative for the corporation MegaCorp, who wishes to buy Good Burger and franchise it, similar to McDonald’s or Burger King. Eventually, Dex and Ed give in, and the consequences for Good Burger and its employees are severe.

It is soon revealed that Katt Bozwell (Jillian Bell), the sister of Kurt Bozwell (the villain of the first film, played by Jan Schweiterman) is the CEO of MegaCorp and seeks revenge against Good Burger for ruining her family. This twist helps connect the first with its predecessor and helps the film function like a legacy sequel (such as the 2018 Halloween and 2022 Scream).

It’s up to Ed, Dexter and Mia to race against the clock to stop Katt Bozwell from carrying out her plan, and for them to save Good Burger.

If you’re like me and grew up loving the original film, you’ll definitely enjoy this one. It’s just as unhinged as the first movie and contains many laughs and callbacks to the first film. Dexter and Ed still have the same magic that made those characters so iconic and memorable in the original film, and the new cast brings a lot of joy and magic of their own to the film.

You can watch Good Burger 2 and the original film on Paramount+

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